Hollie Mixture


Feel safe, feel seen, have fun


Hollie Mixture is an independent UK-based nail polish brand born from love for the expression that indie cosmetics offer, and the inclusion the indie polish community fosters. Every bottle is hand-mixed and poured in small batches to deliver high quality, long lasting, and unique polishes.


Hollie Mixture is fully compliant with UK cosmetic regulations. Each formulation is tried and tested before being released to the wild and awaiting rehoming. All polishes are vegan, cruelty-free and made with pride in Lincolnshire.

While we recognise value in selecting a vegan and cruelty free certification, as an independent business the investment is too costly at current - this is an issue for many small businesses. We continue to focus on using trusted suppliers of high-quality vegan and cruelty free ingredients. 


Inclusivity, representation and expression are core values seen in the indie polish community and reflected by Hollie Mixture. Everyone should feel seen, feel safe, and have fun with polish. It's a lifelong process to ensure this happens in tandem with growing creativity.


"Nails are tiny canvases for self expression"


Hollie Mixture is owned and operated by Hollie (she/her), a long-time nail polish and indie polish enthusiast. She's been painting her nails (badly) from a young age. 

Now, in her late twenties with a full-time research job, she had the means to invest in a dream and create something unique. Like nail painting before it, polish mixing grabbed her and an ever-growing library of colours, finishes, and effects was born.