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Cuticle Elixir Oils (36 and counting!)


Almond M*lk: Fresh, floral and sweet. Notes of fresh almond, woody notes of cedar, patchouli, amber and sweet musk. Hints of walnut and sweet vanilla.
2. Angel Powder: Powdered vanilla florals. Classic and nostalgic scent of soft warm florals with comforting vanilla.
3. Cool Botanics: Cool herbal classic. Peppermint and tea tree chill aromatic lavender and rosemary.
4. Cosmic Berries: Sweet and fruity. Cherry forward berry infusion with fruity nectar aromas.
5. Dark Flora: Warming citrus and herbal. Sparkling lemon, black pepper, herbal eucalyptus and soft floralson a musky vanilla and tonka base.
6. Delicate Nectar: Fresh, soft florals. A gentle nectar of sweet pea blossoms.
7. Dream Castle: Sweet, fruity and floral. Dreamy melody of strawberry and raspberry with a warm sandalwood heart, on a creamy vanilla base.
8. Forest Magic:Fresh, herbal and clean. Bergamot, lavender, mint, coriander and juniper with marine notes and an amber, moss and musk base.
9. Fresh Cut Stems: Green and fresh, dewy leaves with a soothing base. Fresh buds, lily and bluebell with a cedar and amber base.
10. Indulgent Argan: Nutty edible accord. Nutty argan with hints of powdery vanilla, soft woods, amber, musk and tonka.
11. Mallow Sparkle: Sweet, fruity and floral. Citrus, raspberry, and pink lychee with lily, orchid and rose on a base of marshmallows, vanilla, woods and musk.
12. Melondramatic: Fresh and fruity. Melon blend with notes of ripe strawberry and a twist of vanilla.
13. Luminous Lime: Fresh citrus hit. Cool lime with a touch of ginger and notes of mandarin and bergamot on an amber base.
14. Midnight Beach Brew: Fruity, tropical punch. Imagine crafting drinks by the beach under the moonlight.
15. Miracle Moonshine: Sweet, fruity and floral. Notes of bubblegum, peach, orange and pears, jasmin and violet on a vanilla and coconut base.
16. Mystic: Rich, fruited florals and musk. Sparkling bergamot, fruity pear, rose and jasmine with a hint of liquorice. A powdery sweet base of vanilla, amber, musk and woods.
17. Night by the Sea: Aromatic florals and touch of citrus with warm base. Lemon, bergamot, lavender and jasmin on an amber and sandalwood base.
18. Pineapple Potion: Ripe, juicy pineapple, with a fresh tang.
19. Rain in the Woods: Herbal and fresh with a smooth base. Pine needles, lavender and aldehydes on a cedar and patchouli base.
20. Satsumptuous: Fresh citrus. Zesty satsuma and mandarin and a sumptuous heart of orange flesh and dry peel. Peel back the juicy layers.
21. Soft Shea: Nutty edible accord. Coconut and shea butter with hints of powdery vanilla, caramel, walnut, soft woods, amber, musk and tonka.
22. Sol de Boom: Fruity floral blend. Apple, lemon, almond, coconut and peach with a floral heart of jasmine, freesia, heliotrope, rose lily and orchid. Notes of vanilla, sugar, musk, tonka, and sandalwood. Reminiscent of Bum Bum Scent.
23. Soothing Tropics: Fruity, floral and woodsy. Jasmine and sweet orange, with a coconut, hibiscus, and rose heart settled into a base of musky sandalwood and heliotrope.
24. Spearmint Soother: Sweet, soft mint. Relaxing and refreshing blend of spearmint, peppermint, creamy vanilla and cane sugar.
25. Stellar Bloom: Fresh, clean florals. Rose, lily, jasmin and vanilla on a sandalwood and white musk base.
26. Strawberry Sorcery: Fruity, clean and sweet. Juicy strawberry with green leaves and a sweet base.
27. Sugar Spell: Sweet and charming blend. Magical mix of sugars, with vanilla and fruity notes.
28. Sweet Celestial: Sweet edible accord. Notes of almond, hazelnut, citrus and a vanilla maple syrup base.
29. Warm Glow: Warm layered scent. Vanilla and golden peach with luxurious cashmere musk.


30. Feeling Aquatic: Fresh marine blend with woody base. Citrus, bergamot with herbal floral notes and marine musk and cedarwood base.
31. Feeling Awake: Citrussy, sweet and uplifting scent with a fresh twist. Apple and citrus with notes of floral ozone and a sugar and musk base.
32. Feeling Comforted: Citrus softened by musks and woods. Orange, bergamot, apple and florals on a woods and musk base.
33. Feeling Friendly: Fruited florals and balsamic woods. Summer fruits, powdery florals, touches of lavender and pine with a vanilla and woods base.
34. Feeling Nostalgic: Creamy and delicate, balanced cream and vanilla. White chocolate, sweet and creamy with a gentle vanilla base.
35. Feeling Relaxed: Citrussy herbals with floral notes and a soft vanilla base. Orange, lemon, violet and magnolia on a sandalwood and vanilla base.
36. Feeling Sleepy: Gentle herbals and aromatics with a light touch of marine. Lavender and eucalyptus, notes of green stems and tonka bean and oakmoss base.