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Pick Your Potions Box - Splurge & Save

£12.00 - £50.00

Make your pounds work harder by picking up a box of potions! Carefully curated to give you the biggest savings while you await a bundle of joy and get to try out some new products/scents/potions.

Hollie Mixture Products include: Nail Polish, Cuticle Elixir (cuticle oil), Bubble Butter (whipped soap), Bubble Scrubs (foaming scrubs), Moisture Potion (body lotion), Illuminating Wash, Lip Balm, Lip Scrub, Soaps and more.
While anything Hollie Mixture produces could be included in your box, please check the descriptions below for more clues on their focus.

Double Trouble - BIGGEST SAVING - 50% off - value £100
A mix of little & large in just about everything! Different products, scents, textures, finishes... This one will stock your cupboard for a while, you could even gift some!

All the Lips - value £22.50
All our lip balms & lip scrubs to date! 4 lip balms, 3 scrubs, 1 absolute bargain.

All the Cuticles - JUST £2.67 PER OIL - value £52.50
All the cuticle elixirs in brush pens! 15 unreleased scents in a new fast absorbing, swatcher friendly formula. You'll be the first to try it!

All the Moisture - value £30
All 10 scents of moisture potion in handy 30ml tubes. On the go, stashed in every room, or gifted - these are fabulous. We haven't even released all the scents yet so be the first to know!

Try Me Illuminate Bundle - value £33
Time to glow like the star you are. A mix of cuticle elixirs, moisture potions, illuminating wash, and maybe even a polish to top of the shine. Mini and travel size, to maximise variety which will include unreleased scents!

Big Bath & Body - value £34
Prefer full sizes over variety? We got you! Bubble butter, moisture potion, illuminating wash, cuticle elixir & solid lotion all in full size.

Little & Large - value £34
Can't decide and want a bit of it all? This is a combo of travel, little & large sized products such as moisture potions, bubble butter, cuticle oil, lip balms and more.