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Friendship Anomaly - Radioactive Mixture

£4.00 - £7.00

Friendship Anomaly sweet and gentle lilac with an ethereal blue glow, peachy copper and grey chameleon flakies, with electric shocks and holo flakes, perfectly encompassing an unsual bond

Hollie Mixture and Radioactive Unicorn have joined forces to summon some mysteriously enticing mixtures. The collaboration is inspired by Wednesday and the themes of outcast friendships across and outside norms. There's a little of Enid and Wednesday, a little of Hollie Mixture and Radioactive Unicorn, and 100% of the best indie cosmetics has to offer.

Other Radioactive Mixture polishes:
Thing the ultra cold cadaver coloured base with eerie blue undertones of duochrome stuffed with reflective glitter (Radioactive Unicorn)
Nevermore Academy the beautiful deep royal blue/emerald green hybrid packed to the rafters with holographic pigments in 2 sizes! Other worldly and mysterious just like Nevermore Academy (Radioactive Unicorn)
Wolf Out the deep jammy fuchsia loaded with electric blue shifty chameleon flakies and micro holo flakies for that supernatural punch (Hollie Mixture)