Hollie Mixture
£4.00 - £7.00

Ineffable Topper - Ineffable Collection

A mystic storm in an ethereal teacup ☕️🪽

Ineffable is the holographic chromatic chameleon flakie topper inspired by Good Omens ✨ a translucent holographic base supporting chameleon flakies tht shift between electric blues, glowing fuchsia, with firey tones and flashy glares in between.

The Ineffable collection is a three piece ode to the beloved work of Terry Prachett and Neil Gaiman, an Angel and a demon & their adoption of humanity. Whether you know and love this work, or are taken by the exquisite inspiration is gives to the mini Ineffable Collection, these are something truly special 🥂

Topper can be applied in as many coats as preferred over any nail polish or natural nails.