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Dark Side of the Rainbow

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You know how if you play Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon alongside the Wizard of Oz, it seems to synch up? Also, the prism on the album cover splits the white light in to all the colours of the rainbow. 🌈

Some of the lyrics line up too “look around and choose your own ground” while Dorothy is looking for someone to talk to. 'I was thinking of something like “dark side of the rainbow” - too negative?' - NEVER.

Meet Lou's @loopyfrog_nails Darkside of the Rainbow. Luscious full-spectrum holo black polish, with holo flakies for extra dimension, just like those that can be found in Dorothy's journey & every queer one too! ✨

Sometimes there are negative sides to the queer community, like gatekeeping and trans-exclusionary ideologies. Darkside of the Rainbow is that rainbow in the darkness of all that can oppose humanity and goodness.

Opaque in 2 coats

Part of the Friends of Dorothy Queer Collaboration 2023