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Groovy Ghosties - Big Haunting


Lather up this spooky yet gentle glycerin soap. Formulated with glycerin and gentle surfactants to leave you clean but not squeaky. Never too pretty to use, but it'll look great while you do...

Eco friendly in more ways than one, they require less space to deliver and package compared to standard liquid washes.

1st picture, left to right:
Lavender & Chamomile (white), Rose & Rhubarb (purple), Rose & Rhubarb (grey), Watermelonade (pearl)

2nd picture, left to right:
Perfect Storm (lilac), Perfect Storm (gold), Lavender & Chamomile (translucent) with shea butter

Lavender & Chamomile: Soothing herbal caaaalm-omile and lavender lead this blend with supporting notes of eucalyptus and a pinch of geranium. A relaxing sigh in a scent.

Rose & Rhubarb: A sweet and fresh temptation, crisp rhubarb & rose in a delicious aroma to tantalise the senses. Vibrant rhubarb in aharmony with fruity aromas, softened with delicate tea rose and a velvety woods base.

Watermelonade: Fresh, fruity and slightly floral party of watermelon accord, accompanied by hints of fresh fruit salad with peach, strawberry, melon and lime. Watery feel with gentle cyclamen a suggestion of coconut.

Perfect Storm: Watery green storm of fresh green leaves, flower stems, citrus peel, eucalyptus, pine, galbanum, pear and pineapple. A heart of marine notes, jasmin, orchid and peach add soft depths and harmony with a cedarwood base.