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Shower Steamers Trial Offer


With scents from the apothecary's Emotive Infusions, reminiscent of fresh blends of herbs and elemental notes to inspire, uplift and soothe.

Our first shower steamers are here for your delectation, in adorable little skull heads. The trial box lets you get first access to a product in development for a discounted price.

Place a steamer in the base of your shower out the stream of water and allow the heat to dissolve the steamer, unleashing a gentle steam of fragrance to enhance your shower and sensory experience.

Choose your mood or experience:
feeling relaxed Citrussy herbals with floral notes and a soft vanilla base.
orange and lemon | violet and magnolia | sandalwood and vanilla
feeling nostalgic Creamy and delicate, balanced cream and vanilla.
white chocolate | sweet and creamy | gentle vanilla
feeling aquaticFresh marine blend with woody base.
citrus and bergamot | herbal and floral | marine musk and cedarwood
feeling sleepy Gentle herbals and aromatics with a light touch of marine.
lavender and eucalyptus | green stems | tonka bean and oakmoss
feeling awake Citrussy, sweet and uplifting scent with a fresh twist.
apple and citrus | floral ozone | sugar and musk
feeling comfortedCitrus softened by musks and woods.
orange and bergamot | apple and florals | woods and musk
feeling friendlyFruited florals and balsamic woods.
summer fruits and powdery florals | lavender and pine | vanilla and woods
rain in the woodsHerbal and fresh with a smooth base.
pine needles and lavender | aldehydes | cedar and patchouli
night by the sea Aromatic florals and touch of citrus with warm base.
lemon and bergamot | lavender and jasmin | amber and sandalwood
fresh cut stems Green and fresh, dewy leaves with a soothing base.
fresh buds | lily and bluebell | cedar and amber

Select Cuticle Savers postage if just ordering a trial box!

Place in the bottom of the shower, out the direct stream of water. Not intended for use on skin, incidental contact only.